NEC 6650A won't burn new Memorex DVD-R

I have been burning with RipIt4Me and DVD Decrypter for a long time now and have never had a compatibility issue with dvd’s and my burner, but for some reason the New Memorex 16X DVD-R are giving me the Failed to Reserve Track, Incompatible Format error when trying to burn with DVD Decrypter- Other DVD’s still work, I just dont want to waste a new 100 Pack of dvds. Any suggestions?

Try to use ImgBurn: it’s more updated than decrypter, and maybe this solve :slight_smile:

A firmware update, however, could be a good idea too :wink:

try another media Memorex is :Z

What firmware would you suggest for this problem

Which firmware is on your drive??

I am not an expert by any means, but there is a link on this site for a document outlining the problems with these cheap media products. The information is that even if they will burn, they may become unreadable in as little as 6 to 8 months. This site also references a nice little program offered on CD Freaks which identifies the manufacturer of DVD media called DVD Identifier.

Basically with cheap media there are two main problems:

[li]very low burning quality
[/li][li]very low durability in time

The low burning quality is the most frequent issue: with cheap media after the burn the disc contains a lot of errors and often the disc is unreadable or it can’t be burned because before the end the burn fails.

Some cheap media can give excellent scans just after the burn, but shows a fast degradation in time. The typical example is from recent Ritek media. Some users reported that discs can become unreadable after few months.