Nec 6650a firmware problem

first of all, i want to apologise for my poor english, i will do my best to make my self clear and understandable as possible.

i lent my laptop with the nec 6650a to my brother. When i got it back, the drive didn’t work so good anymore. He had upgraded the firmware to 203d. The strange thing is, the old firmware was 103d. The drive works, but when i turn on my laptop, i get a white screen with the message that the drive isn’t connected properly. In windows(vista ultimate) i can get the drive to read dvd’s, but it’s very slow. i have searched for the old firmware that was on it before, but when i trie to flash it, it says that the drive isn’t supported by this firmware. I know for 100% that the old firmware was 103d, because i had made a system report with Everest, and in the report is stated that the firmware is 103D

I don’t have much experience in firmware upgrade, because i never did it. Can someone please tell me how to fix this huge problem, because a new drive is too expensive for me, and my brother tells me that he will buy me a new drive, but over 2 months, when he’s back.