NEC 6650A dvd video but no audio

hey foax, first time poster, long time fan.
my nec 6650a on dell inspiron 6000 plays dvd video fine, but i can’t get any audio. plays cd audio fine, and all other computer audio is also fine, so at first i thought it was a software problem. uninstalled dell cineplayer. uninstalled and reinstalled realplayer and itunes, still nothing. checked out other forums and saw some messages telling me to uncheck the ‘enable digital CD audio…’ box in the nec drive’s properties, but that too did nothing. any other suggestions? any help is much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.
This still sounds like a software problem, perhaps a missing audio codec.
You could perhaps try re-installing your sound cards drivers again and see if this helps.

thanx it’s days like these that provide show me how little i know about computers. but hey, i know a bunch of other stuff.

plugged in an external dvd drive and got the same results, so clearly not a problem with the nec drive. tried to reinstall sound card drivers, sigmatel c-major, but sigmatel doesn’t offer drivers on their website and the only place i could find was some crappy website called that made me jump through fifty hoops and finally let me download something that i couldn’t setup b/c not compatible with my os. sigmatel sucks. sucks. i suck.