NEC 6650A drive stopped reading disks after error burnign cd

ok, so i went to burn a video cd with nero vision express 3, the cd was almost done when it said that there was an error. because of this i decided to try reburning the cd but when i went to put a blank cd in the drive…it would spin for like 1 second…make a click…and start again…but it never read the cd…and it keeps going like that…dvds they are read… but say for dvd movies…they will not play. this drive is in a dell inspiron 6000 notebook with firmware 103c. im not sure what the problem is…and i cant seem to figure it out, if you can help, by all means…go for it haha



(PS. attached is a log file from nero when i got the error from making the vcd, and i now have uninstalled all burning programs)