Nec 6650A doesn t read some dvd

i have a laptop ( fujitsu siemens amilo 1645a ) which came with this slime dvd burner nec 6650A i have some dvd burnt with another burner that this last one doesn t read at all but is fine with other dvd burners / reader
the current firmware flash is 1.42
i checked in simens website and found no fw update to this burner same thing in nec website ?
anyone know the solution for this problem or is there any new fw released by nec that i didn t see ?
Thanx in advance

Stick with the 1.xx series of firmwares. Latest is 103C (look at the write stragies). DO NOT FLASH the 2.xx firmwares or try to change the bootcode of the drive.

Of course if the media has too many errors, it will not read back correctly. Try using something like VSO Inspector or Nero CD-DVD Speed to inspect the disc for errors.

can i use the dell one on my fujitsu drive without any risk of damaging it ?

The Dell firmware is just an OEM firmware with specific enhancements requested by Dell. If you’re worried, then just use Binflash to backup the existing firmware and then flash the 103C firmware.

BTW if you don’t know what Original, Fast and RPC1 are, then just get the Original one.

Thanx for the help [B]tqhoang [/B] i ll try tommorow and tell u if this will fix the media problem by the way the media is ok i checked it works well on my other dvd reader
when i put it on my fujitsu laptop and try to copy it the pc freezes

Also I highly recommend using quality media with NEC drives in general. I strictly use Verbatim DVD+/-R’s and don’t have any issues with burning or playback/reading.