Nec 6650A cannot burn dvds

every time i put a blank dvd in the drive the autoplayer says its a blank cd, and when i open my computer it says the same thing. but when i open w/ nero and check the drive that way it says its a dvd. after uninstalling the drivers for my ide channels and the dvd drive itself it stilll does this, and yes dma is enabled.

any thoughts?

thnx in advance

further testing has confirmed that my drive can read dvd’s, ones that it has burned before and others (i.e. movies and such) but cannot reconized a black dvd, while all other programs say its a dvd, plus i still cannot finish a burn, the burning process will stop after a cd’s worth of space is used

plz help…

ok after installing sonic and record now, a window poped up and said that " your version of dla (or something) allows you to read but you might not be able to edit dvds"


This is a windows explorer feature. Simply burn the disk with nero and ignore what windows explorer says.
Also deinstall Sonic DLA if you do not really need it, it is a source of trouble.

but i had the problem before installed sonic, but i will try removing it…

Have you tried to really burn a DVD ?

well amazingly, i can burn now, alas, i cannot burn at 8x speed, only 6x max. but its working and i’m happy. thnx for the help yall

The drive uses 8x only for the last 10% of the disk, so it does not matter very much if you burn at 6x or 8x.

I second that, adding a few %%… :slight_smile: