NEC 6650A Burn Speeds



I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with 1GB of DDR RAM and an NEC 6650A DVDRW drive. I am using Nero 7 Ultra Edition, and when I burn it starts out at 2x. It then increases to 2.9x around 20%, then to 4x around 50%, 6x at about 85% and then finally 8x to finish. I have tried several different brands of DVDRs and several different firmwares starting with the Dell stock 102C and all have this performance issue. Why is it doing this? How can I get it to start at 8x and burn the whole thing at 8x? Thank you in advance.


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well hello tothe forum.
in an answer to 6650 question , all laptop burners will do this.infact i bet that it doesent realy reach x8 in the end.I’ve been messing with laptops for quite a while & bilt a few & never seen one do a true X8. my two towers that i own will allways run faster.dont know the tech answers but i believe it has somthing to do with transfer rates & power consumtion to the burner.all my nec do excelent burns & play in all my home players. in nero cd speed(in my benq 1655) they usually get good to great scores & not many pifs or pof’s.
hope this helps, and i’ll agree with ya on whats above???WTF???


All slimline drives are slower, so the burner are too.


The speed pattern you see of slowly increasing speeds is true of all burners. Even on the fastest PCs with 16x burners the 16x speed will only ever be achieved towards the end of the burn.

An 8x burner will tend to start at 2x and increase in steps to eventually achieve 8x. A 16x burner will typically start at 4x or 6x & steadily increase to 16x.

So what you see is exactly the same as you’d see with any other burner, so normal.


thanks chief & tim
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love to try & follow your direction.
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