NEC 6650 - Dell Inspiron 5150


In error - I flashed my Dell Inspiron 5150 DVD writer drive (silly me, I know) with the wrong Flash software… and well that was the end of that.

I’ve since purchased an NEC 6650 drive as I believed it was a suitable replacement. Welll, I removed the bits and bobs off the old DVD drive and screwed it on to the new NEC 6650 drive. But it doesnt look like my PC is recognising the new drive. If I push it in slightly - the light comes on but my Dell laptop still doesnt recognise it.

Am I doing something wrong or is the NEC 6650 just not the right size for Inspiron 5150?


If I am not mistaken, the 5150 and the 5100 are identical but the 5150 is just and improved processor and video card. The drives should be interchangeable and thus you should be able to use the following drive correctly since it is what dell is sending me as a replacement for my original CD-RW/DVD drive.

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