Nec 6500a

hello all
i bought 6500a firmware 202c,the problem is i live in england it was set region 1 but it is locked in no changes left what is the best solution, i think the firmware is for a dell ? the first thing is to change to my region ,the year on drive is june 2006, i bought it in july i also thought it was new i paid full price
i think i could use the rpc2 , but how to do and is this best, i have flashed bios before so only slightly green.

thanks ianf

You can either reset the region counter of your drive or flash an RPC1 firmware.

i used the rpc2 really simple to do from windows , i was unsure if it had to be in dos or safe mode , just do from desktop , i guess now i can play my regions dvd’s the next step will be to see if a firmware upgrade will give me more.

thanks very much ianf