Nec 6500a stops windows booting


This is my first post, im completly new, but i have brought a Nec 6500a dvd burner and have put it in my laptop (Evesham) shows as AJP 8640.

The problem is when i put it in bios does not show it there and windows does not boot. I have read something about it being shipped as a master but i may need it as a slave? i have to take it out to start windows. PLEASE help me, as it pointless having a drive you cant use!!!

Many Thanks!!!

Welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

Notes at this page may be a good start for troubleshooting.

Also, take your time and look around in this forum section for posts with simular probs. Search for “6500+master+slave”, because this can show you how other members solved this kind of problem.

Sounds like the wrong connection-specific type firmware is on the drive…

Ive ordered a Slimline to ide adapter, when i arrives im going to connect the dvd drive to a desktop slave ide cable and flash it with the official nec reverse firmware to turn it into a slave and pop it back into my laptop, hopfully then my bios will see it and windows will start!!

Does this sound like a good plan? has anyone else had this problem where the bios does not even see the drive and windows fails to boot?

surley nec should have not set the drive to ship as a master, as im sure this happens to loads of people! Or it could be a totally different problem, I just want a dvd writer that i paid for!!! :sad: :sad: