NEC 6500A on Dell Inspiron 700m

I’ve had this problem for quite sometime now, I believed the issue was I tried to upgrade the firmware from 2.03E to one of Liggy’s one.
After that, my drive stopped reading CDs but DVDs can be read and burned fine. I flashed back to the Dell OEM but still have the same problem

In Device Manager, under DVD/CD-Rom Drives I have 3 devices listed

  • _NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A
  • EV0360F DWF433P
  • EV0360F DWF433P SCSI CdRom Device

Anyone has any idea what those bottom 2 devices are? I use ImgBurn, are those installed with it?

Anyway I appreciate any suggestions, I’ve tried booting into Ubuntu but same issue, reading / burning DVDs fine but unable to read / burn CDs…

They look like emulated virtual drives…
Try to boot from a bootable CD and clean the drive/lens.