NEC 6500a in bits


I was stupid enough to spill some milk on my Laptop a Dell 9300. It got into my NEC Drive. I thought I’d managed to get away with it and cleaned it all up but it started to stick and wouldnt eject. I am in Africa working with no tech help so I decided to try and open the drive and clean ithe inside myself.

Having taken the drive out I removed the plate on the back to get inside. It was all going well until I rather stupidly turned it upside down to check the other side and a couple of bits fell out. Bounced off the table onto the floor. Managed to retrieve them and think I 've sussed out wher they fit but not 100% sure. Basically they are white plastic bits that are part of the eject mechanism. Wont stay closed now, one of these insanely small spring clips also popped out and cant see how it goes, its this bit that seems to tie it all together.

I think Im screwed but if anyone has one of these drives, maybe a tech repairer who can send me a photo or post one on the forum of the inside I may, and I know its a long shot, be able to get it working again. Its that or six months of using duct tape to keep it shut until I get home.

So thats it in a nutshell. Help please.


I’ll transfer this to the NEC subforum of General Hardware…