Nec 6500a Ide #1 Error



Hello everybody

I just bought the nec 6500a and I am trying to install it on Toshiba satellite Pro 6100. However, I am getting an IDE #1 ERROR. I removed the hardrive and still I was getting the same error (along with #0 for the hardrive).

The drive was manufactured on November 2004, but I cannot get any other information since it is not recognised even in the bios.

I found in other forum ( that a possible solution is to bridge pins 45 and 47 in the drive, but I don’t want to go there and still I don’t know if I can do it that way.

Could you please help me resolve this problem?

thank you very much


An IDE location changer for this model does supposedly exist as mentioned here. I received the program mentioned by that user, if you want to try it, please send me an email requesting it.


Hi dhc014

Could you please send me the program at

Are there any instructions for that program?

Thank you.


There are some instructions in the archive. I’ve never used it myself.


Thank you dhc014 for the program.

I have one more question. The instructions say that I should set the drive as a secondary master but the bios doesn’t give me that option. It has the HD in IDE 0 and the dvd drive in IDE 1.



I really don’t know anything about using this software.

IDE 0 = Primary
IDE 1 = Secondary.

Uploaded the program here. Please be careful with it!


@dhc014: Thanks for the the program, I will, of course be careful.


What other have found in the forum:
"The Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 has hardcoded a harddisk on IDE port 1 (#0) and a CD/DVD drive on port 2 (#1). If there is no device connected to (or the laptop doesn’t detect any device) on either one ports an IDE Error is produced.

That’s why I think flashing the ND6500 to reversed-ATA doesn’t help (with the program that dhc014 provided). To get it work I think the fixed-slave code is needed (but nobody has found that one yet). "

Has anybody found the fixed-slave code?


I haven’t found something like that, but I modified the existing files from dhc014’s package in such a way, that it might be possible to change your drive back to normal.
Please keep in mind that there is a VERY HIGH RISK that this firmware can damage your drive. This risk is much higher than in my previous patched firmwares, since this patch also changes the drive’s boot code that usually is not flashed during a firmware upgrade.
This patch might not work at all, but if anyone is willing to test this, please drop me a PM and I’ll tell you how to get the necessary files. Having a slimline to IDE adapter is highly recommended in case anything goes wrong, but it might not help at all if something does not work as expected.