NEC 6500A cant burn at 8x


I just upgraded my DVD/CD-RW in my laptop to an NEC-6500A which is supposedly an 8x burner.

However, when I put in a 8x RitekG05 disc, Nero ( only has 2X and 4X as an option.

Nero InfoTool shows

So, what am I doing wrong?

The ND-6500 CAN write at 8 speed, but the firmware is somewhat picky about 8 speed media. I’ve RICOHJPNR02 that can burn at 8x but 8 speed CMD MAG E01 only burns at 6x with my current firmware. I have no experience with the G05 but is seems it’s only supported at 4x. There might be a newer firmware with better write strategies for 8 speed media.

Any possibility of changing the speeds like with on the Liteon burners? That would be nice…make all 8x discs give you the option to burn at 8x, but if it doesn’t work out, you can select a lower speed. But this ‘its an 8x burner, but not quite’ crap is just that–crap.

An 8x burner should burn ALL 8x media at 8x…if it doesn’t handle certain discs well at that speed, then you should be able to lower the speed if you choose to.

That’s what people like Liggy, Herrie and Quikee are doing with the firmware for the 25xx and 3500. I don’t know whether they have any plans to start such a project on the 6500.

The NEC ND-6500 doesn´t support RITEKG05 at 8x speed, I´ve the same media and it only burns at 4x Speed with my 6500.
Another Tip : Your Firmware can be upgraded, V 2.23 ist the newest. Theres one Version with DVD+R Bitsetting from Liggy available, search this Forum.

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Well, according to what I’ve read, 2.23 IS the newest. 2.40 is a higher number, but Liggy said when he looked at the codes 2.23 was newer than 2.40.

But if your talking about the 2.23 from TDB that he added +R bitsetting support for, I’ve already downloaded and applied it (although it still isn’t showing +R bitsetting as an option in NeroCDSpeed 3.50

The Version from TDB doesn´t support bitsetting.
You have to use the Firmware from this thread :

This is autobitsetting, no need to select something in your burn proggie.

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Umm…I just said in my previous post that I already downloaded that one. But, thanks anyway
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Sorry, I thought about the “pure” TDB Version. Sometimes it´s hard to read english for me, its been 10 Years ago, since i left school …

So enjoy your ND-6500 A

Greetz Johnny

Hey, no problem. English is the ONLY language I know and I still have trouble :iagree: