NEC 6500A Burner - Which DVD media?


I have an IBM ThinkPad T23 with NEC 6500A DVD burner. The NEC spec sheet say’s that it can use DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, etc;. When using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2, it won’t let me burn DVD-R’s or DVD+R’s. I can only use DVD+RW disks. When attempting to burn to a -R, or +R DVD using CloneDVD2, it say’s: “No Recordable Media”.

What gives?

Thanks… 2901bruce.

Your firmware probably doesn’t recognize the DVD+/-R media you’re trying to use. Search in this forum for Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE) to edit/customize your firmware and re-flash the drive.

Also the ND-6500 latest firmwares can be found here. The latest are really the Dell versions…203e/403e. BTW, the 2xx are for master-mode drives and the 4xx are for slave-mode drives…otherwise they are the same for the identical “xx”…do [B]not[/B] mess with flashing the bootcodes if your drive is booting up fine.

Hey, Thanks for the GREAT INFO !!!

Glad to have helped. BTW since I posted my reply, I found out that NEC just released a 2.25/4.25 firmware the drive. Suggest you try that one first. As always it’s on Liggy & Dee’s web page.

The 4.25 firmwares we had on our page were just the 2.25 ones converted to slave. NEC’s 4.25 seems to be slightly different, but I doubt that there’s a change in functionality. I replaced the files with new ones based on NEC’s 4.25 firmware anyway.