NEC 6500A bad read&write



Hi everybody,

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens notebook Amilo M7405 equipped with NEC 6500A drive (firmware 2.40). I experience severe problems with my NEC drive:
Unable to read files on “low-end” DVDs (Gigamaster-, Fujifilm+), Verbatim etc.
is OK, but not every DVD is Verbatim, indeed. I was told NEC drives don’t like
such “low-ends”, BUT… I don’t like this “feature”. I have tried to burn on
Fujifilm 8x DVD+R and last file on the disk was impossible to read immediately
after the disk was burned. My friend’s Lite-On does the job…
Is there any way to improve the drive? No firmware update is available from
Fujitsu and NEC’s does not work. But I doubt it was of any use…


Hi all, I’m afraid what I have is no answer but sympathy… and hope.
I too have an AMILO (Pro V2020 - but they are quite similar), and my NEC 6500A produced only faulty DVD±R so far.
If anyone has an answer or, even better, tovarnik found the solution, please help me too? please-please-please?


shouldnt you guys get support or replacement from the manufacturer of the notebook? maybe the drives are faulty.



I have a amilo1640 with _ nec6500 and till now I have not found some problem.
Currently use firmware liggy with booktype dvd-rom setting 224bitset, and I do not have some problem.
I hope not to have problems in future.