NEC 6500A - ANy firmware out there with Riplock still enabled?



was hoping to find some nice modified firmware for this drive that still kept riplock enabled so that dvd movie watching was quiet.

not sure if it matters on these notebook drives so much though…new to these.

anyone have some advice? i only really use Ritek media, G04 or G05



Notebook drives don’t spin that fast anyway, so I think it’s not a big difference between riplock enabled and disabled firmwares.


yeah, that was what i was thinking…still wanted to make sure before i took the plunge and applied the updates.

Master Liggy, have you a suggestion as to which firmware would be best for someone who really only uses those Ritek G04/G05 discs?

thank you again


No idea. I don’t have a 6500 drive and I don’t use Ritek discs either.




been a LONGTIME lurker around here…i’m well aware of the legend of Liggy :slight_smile:


…and WHAT is that legend?


From my experience they all (firmwares) give the same burn quality and speed on the Riteks.


I think there is some software that would do what you want. It supposedly caches a large chunk of the movie so the drive only spins up a few times during the whole movie.

Sorry, but I can’t remember the name of the program off hand.


DVD-Idle Pro most likely:

Under the “Cache Window” section is the options…