NEC 6450A write error

hi everyone, i’m new here, but i have a nec 6450a dvd ± dvd burner and can not write a dvd using any software. can anyone help?

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I think you need to give us just a little more to go on. Exactly what is happening?

i have used clone dvd, dvd shrink, dvd clone and nero, everything goes weel, it reads just fine but as soon as it starts to burn it stops saying there was a write error. any thoughts?

I own the same DVD player on my HP laptop and am having the same problem. Will a driver update solve the problem? My current driver is 5.1.2535.0 dated 7/1/2001.
When attempting to copy a DVD using the Roxio software or Nero, the software will cache fine, but when it comes to writing on an empty DVD, an error message appears, and it’s not always the same message. The last message was "Power Calibration Area Error"
Thanks for any help.