NEC 6100a - Playback Skips on DVDs



I have a NEC6100A on my laptop and burning and CD playback are fine; however, DVD playback–using either MediaPLayer10 or PoweverDVD5.1–i know, i know, not the best-- on some DVDs is terrible. The player starts skipping so bad that I have to stop the movie altogether.
At first I thought it was a problem with scratched DVDs, but the problem is the same for a DVD right out of the box–no scratches at all!!! Some DVDs that are scratched work just fine.
Some of the Discs that have this problem are the special DVDs with added software; I wonder if during playback Windows isn’t trying to access the install data for some reason…I’m not sure.
Either way, the problem is really bad and if anyone has experienced a similar problem and has solutions I’d be happy to get some help.


What is you CPU load during playback? Check this in Task Manager.


CPU load stays low-- no more than 4 or 5%–


Only 5% while running the movie with PowerDVD 5? I would check again. How fast is your processor?


You’re right; its even stanger than that! While playback is normal–no skipping- CPU load varies between 11% and 15% (with a few peaks at 20%. When it starts skipping is when CPU load drops to around 4 or 5% sometimes bottoming out at 1%. I’m running a P4-2.8Ghz with 512 MB.
Called NEC about the drive and they don’t even have documentation on it since its an OEM model.
Any ideas?


Data isn’t being delivered to the DVD software or there could be a problem with the DVD software. I would reload the DVD player software. Download ENDITALL and use it to turn off all other applications running in the background prior to launching PowerDVD. Also try the movies that skip with another home player.

Finally, you may have a marginal NEC drive. How old is this drive? A dirty laser lens could cause a similar problem. Notebook tend to gather a lot of dust particles. A drop could also mis-align the laser mechanism.