Nec 6100A not compatible with 16X dvd+r?

Noob here,

I just bought a spindle of 16x verbatim DVD+R but the discs won’t burn using my Dell nec 6100A DVDRW. Is there a way to make it work or am I just SOL?

thanks for any input.

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First please tell us more about what doesn’t work. Post information about your firmware and media ID.

BinFlash and status line in Nero CD-DVD Speed provides information about firmware. :wink:

even flashed 4.24 liggy&dee’s bitsetting fw, my nec 6500a is unable to recognize SONY16Dx(I forgot the last character…)

Sorry to hear that MelonGx.
NEC’s firmware updates isn’t that good… and most of the last 1½ years 16x media isn’t in there.

BTW, 6100 is a pure OEM drive and all “support” is provided from the manufacturer of laptop according to

Just as additional info, the 6100 can be crossflashed to 6500.

I just flashed the drive to 6500A using the 6500RPC1.exe and Dell 203D but the drive still won’t read or write to 16X media i.e. Verbatim, Ridata. I’m just trying to burn backup discs of vacation pictures onto the DVD+R’s using Nero but it keeps failing. I also tried to copy movies using dvdshrink/decryptor but it also fails before the burn. Any solutions? Thanks!

“it keeps failing”

Please post a log or more info about that.

I have same problem. A dell inspiron 6000, with ND-6500A with firmware 202C. The media is Memorex 16x DVD-R. I was using DVD decrypter to burn an iso file, the error message says “failed to retrive track, cannot write medium, incompatible format”. I then flashed it with 204D successfully. Still the same error. I then downloaded firmware 224 from NEC’s site, but flashing failed saying it cannot find the drive.

I’m gonna go find 8x dvd-r to see if it works (never burned a DVD before, this is the first try).

Hi there,

The media is Memorex 16x DVD-R

Are you a hunter ? :confused:

Those are good for target shooting :iagree:

Memorex are bad bad bad media :a

I really hope your not burning them too fast :rolleyes:

2x max :iagree:

Crap media, that’s a fact.

Avoid trouble and buy better media.

Yeah, that was a mistake. I was browsing through sites for dvd decryptor, and saw the keyword “memorex”. But I didn’t read the whole sentense. The second day I went to store and saw the discs and bought it. If I had read the whole sentense, I would have seen “memorex is crap”. I’m gonna try sony, tdk, maxwell, all 8x dvd-r.

For the time-being, 8x dvd+r (ridata, ricoh) media works fine for the Nec 6100/6500 burners. As for 16x compatibility, probably will have to wait for a new firmware before the drive will be able to read 16x media. Like u, gonna just buy 8x discs fo now. :frowning:

i had this same problem with my ND-6500A in my Dell Inspiron 9300 also. Memorex 8x +R worked fine. but 16x -R didn’t work.

i flashed using the file at Dell’s site to Firmware v.203D and the 16x Memorex worked.

but now, the drive is screwed or something as it’s only reading at 10x. DVDShrink used to take 35 mins…now it’s 95 mins or more…and i cannot use other programs at the same time. unbearably sluggish.