NEC 6100A - cannot burn DVD-RW



I hv a NEC6100A burner that comes with my Dell laptop.

At first, the drive cannot even detect the Verbatim 2X DVD-RW. Then I found some guide in this forum and link me to the MadDog firmware page. I flashed the drive firmware with the NEC6500A driver.

After that I am able to detect the DVD-RW but unable to format or write on the disk. I am using Roxio Media Creator 7.

Anyone out there pls. help .



You could try using the NEC Drive conversation tool that you can find in the update part of the post and select “NEC ND6500” as a new drivetype. You will still need a 6500 firmware for your drive, but if I understood your post correctly, you already flashed one.


Thank you Liggy. Finnnnaaallly it works :slight_smile:

The 2X DVD that I brought is quite slow. I think need to buy a faster speed. What is the maximum speed of the DVD-RW/R that this drive can support? … I remembered it is 8x.


Did you change your drive with my tool? I had no real confirmation that it works before.

I guess the max. speed for rewritable is 4x, but most notebook drives start writing at about 2x or 2.4x


Yes. It worked fine. I downloaded the convertion tool from your link. Run it. Change the drive from 6100A to 6500A. After that, I rebooted my laptop.

No problem writing a DVD-RW now …

many thanks … great works …