NEC 6100 won't read CDs/DVDs anymore



Hey guys,

I have a Dell Notebook with a NEC 6100 flashed to 6500 in my modular bay. The other day, I was burning a CD when my notebook fell from a car seat and landed on the drive. Since then, it won’t read anything anymore. I hjave tried uninstalling it, have flashed it back to 6100 and to 6500 again. Nothing. Every time, the drive is correctly detected by my operating system.

When i switch on the computer, the drive makes lound mechanical sounds. Same thing when i insert a disc into it. You can hear that it won’t start spinning as it used to when a disc is put in.

Can you help me? Is the drive broken or can i do something?

Thanks a lot already!


Is the drive broken or can i do something?

From what you have written, it sounds very likely that your drive is broken now. :iagree:


Hey Liggy,

thanks for your answer. By now, I have contacted Dell and i can"t get a new drive for free. My question is now:

Can i get an any-brand slim line internal burner for notebooks and put it into the plastic casing that constitutes Dell"s drive module for the D-Bay? (or whatever the bay is called where i swap my drive for an extra battery)?

Do i have to pay attention to compatibility? I have a Dell Inspiron 8600. Why can"t i just buy any drive that has the right dimensions to fit into my Dell?

Thanks already!