NEC 4571A !Which is the correct Fimware?



Hi I live in Milan and I bought a 4571A Nec burner.I had many problems with Nero.The verification data doesn’t work.It stops at 1% and the only way to take the dvd is push on cancel!!!
I have tried verbatim printable and ritek g05 at 2x but this is the problem.

I try:
-to install aspi drivers (no results)
-to install nero or nero premirum 7 the last version (no results)
-to format and istall my O.S (no results)
-to use different FW at the below sites:

1.LINK (no results)
2.Liggy site (no results)

(I try 1-01orig and rpc — 1-01b orig — 1-z1origin) (no results)

PLS:everyone can help me or don’t you have a newer FW for my burner??Thanks so much.Ale


Your problem is crap media.
Please use better media.


I think ritek and verbatim and now tdk 16x are good media…Tha last week I had Nec 4550 and i had no problems even with princo or other not good media…I think the burned need of a newer Fw.No???Thanks Ale


I also try to burn at 8x speed and all is OK.Only at 2x speed and when I do data verification at 2x I have no results.Pls Help


You are doing two errors at the same time. First, you are using ritek media, that are know to give problems and a short durability in time.

The second one is that you are burning @2x. The only media that give good results burned @2x are 4x certified media.

Most of times (not always) a 16x media give better results if burned @12x, and a 8x media give best results @8x or @4x. Burning @2x is useless.


But If I try to burn Tdk or Fuji at more of 2x my dvd player can’t read them.The only way is burned at 2x.:frowning:


TDK and Fuji (except for made in Japan ones) are not good media. TDK sell many different media under the same brand. You don’t know what are buying until you put a disc on the burner to read mediacode. I suggest you to avoid TDK media too.

These days, Fuji media are made by ritek, and again ritek are low quality media.

If your standalone is so picky maybe you need to burn +R media changing booktype to ROM. Often this solve.

Try to buy some Taiyo yuden media. These are the best available. Too bad they are available only in online stores. Try to take a look here




Do you have a friend with a liteon or with a benq burner? Can you ask to do a scan of your media? In this way it’s easier to see where is the problem.


But if I do scans I’ll see where is the problem??How can I do scans?Thanks so much.Ale


With scans it’s possible to see how many errors there are on discs. To do scans you need a burner that support this feature, mostly liteon, benq and plextor.

Read this: it’s a very clear explanation :iagree:


Thanks Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


You can also scan with the NEC drive and CD-Speed.


Hi Dee…I try other firmware and other medias but the problem is the same…after the dvd is burned, the burner begins the data verification and It stops at 1%…I try all Firmware 1-z1 orig and rpc1 / 1-01 orig rpc1 and beta but no results…Help Thanks


Don’t relate too much on these verifications.

To verify a burned disc, do a transfer rate test and a scan: this methos is more reliable than a verify done with nero after a burn.


:frowning: but scans are OK…the only thing is that “data verification” doesnt go.It stops after 1%…This is the problem.I have bought also other media :TY, Fuji and other less known but there is always the same problem!!!But maybe there are nero aspi??Thanks


so if the scan is OK why do you need the nero verification?
for me the best way to see if the disc is OK is to do a transfer rate test :slight_smile: also a scan disc will be nice :).


I always use nero data verification to check the dvd burned…I think is correct to use it …no?:):frowning:


You can (I mostly do it too), but it’s no guarantee anyway.