NEC 4571A ! Nothing has changed!

I try the new FW but nothing has changed!!!The data verification doesn’t work…I don’t know if the trouble is the FW or the Burner!!I suppose the FW but I m not sure…I had 4550 burner before and it goes very good…but now I thinks this is not a good burner…I suppose tomorrow I’ll changed my burner with a plextor 755.I think the support is better and the burner too.But…this is the life…I hope in a prompt reply from Dee and Liggy and other people too.Thanks.Alessandro (Italy) :bow: :bow: :bow:

Data-Verification already worked with the older firmware. So the Problem may depend on damaged Hardware or on your system/windows-installation. I’m not sure but haven’t you posted about this problem already some days ago?

looks like a hardware issue, older firmwares and this work fine for data verification

I have installed the OS in two different pc to check the burner.I changed my cable to verify if the trouble was it but no result.I try also aspi drivers from adaptec but no result.When I try to burn at 2x and do data verification, the media stops at 1% verification and there are no dvd written on the media.It is written but it is empty!!Not good this burner.Help if anybody has the same problem.Thanks

Writing at 2x is probably the problem, which media are you trying to burn?

I use Verbatim , ritek g05, TY and I have problem with dvd ram support Panasonic.Thanks

Bad RAM :flower:

If your talkin about, when you write a disc say in ImgBurn, then when it gets verified it always bring up an error or very often…

That is cos your RAMs conked out

That or your drive is pooped

:(.Nothing has changed.Later i ll change my nec burner.Maybe with plextor!