NEC 4571A_Lots of Questions!

First of all,hello to all forum members! :smiley:

Last night I bought a new NEC 4571A and
I ve got lots of questions about it… :confused:

First of all,when using NERO,when I
complete a compilation and click on BURN DISC
I see the following screen:

How come I cant choose between SAO,DAO and DAO/96?!?
I dont even have an option besides DiskAtOnce! :doh:

Another question has to do with Labelflash technology…
I know I have to use specifil kind of media,but what programs
do I need to use in order to actually print of the
surface of a blank disc?
Does NERO support this feature?




Nero 7 updates :slight_smile:

So,apart from updating NERO downloading a 125MB file over 56k,
you re telling me there s no other options for me?!? :confused: :rolleyes: :eek:
Come on now! The latest NERO 6.xx didnt support these features either…

And [B]PLEASE[/B] could someone explain to me [I]the advantages of setting the Booktype of say,a DVD+R to DVD-ROM[/I] ?!? :confused:

its for compatibility issues with some stand alone players and also in my case for being able to be played on playstation 2…

Geia soy papaki! Ellhnas,etsi? :smiley:
Thanks for the info man!
I ve searched and all I could find was definitions and such but not
any explanation as to why I should do this to my drive… :wink:

Maybe you should try with other, free software like imgburn, cdburnerxp or burrrrn.