NEC 4571A,it perceives written dvds by itself empty?

I bought a nec4571a dvdrw a few days ago and i have problem with it.
It cannot recognize the dvds which were written by itself,but it can read ready-made dvds,cds and also there is no problem about writing cds.The dvd medias,which they were perceived empty by my writer can be read by another dvdrom devices.I mean that writing dvd is not a problem,problem is that reading of these dvds.I couldnot solve this problem,what can i do,please help me friends! :confused:

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There can be several causes to this. I’ll let other members input about possible config problems and focus on what I know better: media.

Would you mention exactly what DVDR discs (brand, model, rated speed…) you are burning, and at what speed you burn them?
Also download DVDIdentifier and tell us what is the mediacode of these discs.

Explanation: In case your DVDRs are of poor quality, the burnt discs can or cannot be read in all drives. Some will accept them and some other will reject them (yes, it’s even possible that the very drive that burned them rejects them!).

Hi. I have the same problem with my 4570A. It can write Multidisk DVD-R (Bulgarina media), but can’t read after that under Windows XP. The Strange in that case is that the same DVDs can be read under Windows Me and DOS of the same computer, but can’t be read under XP. I have no problems to read the same medias on my DVD Reader under Windows XP. Any ideas?

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Low quality media can cause all kinds of odd stuff to happen. What media code does the Multidisk DVD-R have? Have you tried other media yet?

I tried other medias, and there is almost no problem. But this is not the point. The point is, why this media can be read unerd windows 98/Me without any problems, and cant’n be read under brand new installed Windows XP of the same device. It can be read, write and continue by Nero, but can’t read from Windws eplorer. When I put the media into device the icon change from “DVD-RAM Drive” into “CD Drive”, but there is no files. But no problem with windows Me. :confused:

i tried to use my dvd writer in another machine and the result is that there is no problem,it can read the disks which were written by itself,and the others, but in my machine it cannot.
(medias have not bad quality,i use TDK)

I tried to use my writer in a 2 machines, both of them totaly diferent from the mine. On the first, the writer can’t read the medias, but the second one, it can read without any problems. I tried few difrent versions of Windows XP, but noting. I think, that this is a problem with the compatibility between the ide controler, the firmware and the driver. And that problem exist on lot of NEC drives. What chipset you have. The mine is nForece2.

@ kawacatoose & Chukundur,

Suggest totally reading this entire posting.

As requested by Forum Members provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code)(Example: TYG02) of the subject Media you are using. Refer to posting #2 for DVD Identifier (

Also suggest reviewing the below PC World article concerning the importance of current up to date DVD Burner Firmware.

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That media can not read by the writer with the last firmware, under the Windows XP.

I Just find out, that the problem is because, the media i writen on “mulstisession”. If i write the media on “No Multisesion”, it can read perfectly. Now the question is why it hapend only of NEC’s and some windowses.