NEC 4571a DVD Writer



:confused: Please excuse my ignorance but being new to a forum and a complete novice to upgrading my computer, I have just fitted a NEC 4571 a DVD writer to my computer, with no apparent probs, BUT, it recognises DVDs when I play a movie and CDs when I play music, but if I try to burn onto a R,RW DVD it wont recognise it and keeps asking me to insert a blank CD??? (the icon also changes from DVD RAM DRIVE to CD DRIVE when I insert the blank DVD). Please help as I`m a bit of a numpty when it comes to this… :o


Welcome to the forum. It could be a number of things. Have you an 80 wire cable? Is the jumper on the correct pin for the cable? What media are you using (media ID)? What are you burning with?


badger5855, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Are you using the builtin recording software in Windows XP? The builtin CD Recording software only supports burning to CD-R/RW but doesn’t support burning to DVD media.

In order to burn to DVD media you need other software such as e.g. Nero or Roxio Easy Media Creator, or whatever came with your drive or pc.

The fact that Windows changes the icon from a DVD drive to a CD drive when you insert blank media is a well known quirk of Windows - it will not affect your ability to burn a DVD if you have software capable of doing it.


WOAH! slow down. Told you Im a [U]bit[/U] of a novice at this sort of thing, all Im used to doing is tapping on the keyboard (slowly at that). How will I know what cable Im using, I always thought a Jumper was what you wore,(the media bit I get its TDK DVD+R), and Im burning with matches, no sorry Nero 5


OK, the cable needs 80 wires. The simple way is to look at the connector attached to the motherboard; it should be blue. The jumper is a small plastic block attached to the back of the drive to match with the position on the cable. The end is Master and the middle is Slave. The settings for your drive are printed on the drive near the jumper. Nero 5 is very old so it could be a problem. Try the free download from to see if you can burn with a different application. CloneDVD should work for DVDs and CloneCD for CDs.

Also look here:


DrageMester. It would appear that this may be the problem as I was trying to use the software in Windows XP to burn Photos onto the DVD.Would I also be right in saying that I may need an updated version of Nero, however I have heard many conflicting stories of the latest Nero. Any suggestions??


chaos0039. I shall have to check the connector to the mother board `cos the last thing on my mind when in there was what colour anything was, I was too busy panicking about what I was doing or letting a bead of sweat fall in there… I thinkj I remember the jumper as I wondered what the curious little thing was on one of the three pins together. It was on the pin closest to the wide cable, and I shall have to have a look at the downloads from and see if I can fathom them out,(told you I was a bit of a numpty on these things) Ta very much for your helps and I have no doubt I will be back to myther you again in the not too distant future.


I’m not sure, but I doubt that Nero 5 will support your burner.

Many people are still using Nero 6.6 because Nero 7 has introduced a lot of bugs that are only slowly being fixed it seems. I’m using Nero

You could also try some free general purpose burning programs if you need to burn data instead of video.

Here are some links to free burning software:

ImgBurn (burns “images” of CDs and DVDs but cannot be used to burn files).

AVS Disc Creator Free (I haven’t really tried this one).

CDBurner XP Pro (It’s a bit unstable in my experience).

DeepBurner Free (I haven’t really tried this one).


I’d add Burrrn ( for burning Audio CDs from a whole range of audio formats.