Nec 4571A DVD-Ram compatibility

Hi folks,

just got my new 4571A and bought a panasonic DVDRAM 5x (LM-AF120ME)

incd wasnt even recognizing the media - dvd-speed was only reading the info - no formating etc…

anyone got this to work?

right now im formating with the generic panasonic drivers…

Try these drivers:

allready did - didnt work out

no chance to format that dvd-ram

What exactly do you want to format with this media?
Which filesystem do you want to use??

lol doesnt matter- tried udf 1.5 and 2.0 with incd and panasonic plain - didnt work

seems there is an incompatibility with the Panasonic DVD-RAM LMAF120ME and the NEC-4571A. Replacement drive didnt worked on that media, 2nd Media showed same Error.

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Disktyp: : DVD-RAM
Hersteller: : Matsushita Electric Industrial CO.,LTD.
MID : M01J5006

Well, seems Nec´s quality control missed that one - but managed it to mark it as compatible in the user guide - quality made by NEC.

I thought the high speed RAM discs only worked in certain drives?