NEC 4571A: DiscT@2 works with blank media only!


I have the DVD burner NEC 4571A that supports LabelFlash and DiscT@2. I am primarily interested in DiscT@2…

However if I try to tattoo any DVD with data on it, I get a burn error (there is no changes on the DVD data side after it). It does not matter how much space data needs and where I want to tattoo the disk. Besides Nero Label Designer recognizes the data space automatically and changes the labelling space. Even if I try to label a small strap close to the border of DVD far away from data (only 700 MB of 4.5 GB used) I get this burn error.

With a blank DVD-R there are no problems. I can start DiscT@2 to label the disc and that burn data on it (in the space I have left for it).

So, what is the problem? It is not easy to estimate how much space data needs to label the disc first and write than the data :confused:

A dvd5 has not 4.5gb of space…

You simply cannot use any media.

It does not matter! The media is checked befor burning…

The problem is I cannot burn the label after having burned the date. It works vice versa only!

I can burn data on a DVD, than measure the space my data needs and burn my cover on a new DVD letting the data space free. After that I burn data without any problems (verification is successful too).

But this way sacrifice one media just to know the space my data needs!