Nec 4571A & buffer question

I just bought a 4571A.

I notice when I burn something from hd @ 8x or 16x speed on a verbatim dvdr+ 16x disc that the device buffer goes QUICKLY to zero every ± 2 mins (time stays the same when I burn @ 6 8 16 x, doesn’t matter). The 256Mb RAM buffer stays full.
CPU is only 10% in use. No other appz running.
Is that normall?

P4 3ghz, 1gb ram, sata raid hd’s

DVD Decrypter

I noticed the same behavior on my 4570A… scanned a few after that, seems normal… maybe somebody from gurus will add their 2 cents. Will much appreciate that.

It’s the NEC drive just checking the media quality and laser power during the burn - WOPC is the term used by NEC for this process.

It’s perfectly normal.


Ok, good to know that it’s called WOPC :slight_smile:
I found this about it:

So the burn process don’t stop every ± 2 mins.
I don’t like little gaps on my dvdr’s.
I couldn’t found much info about WOPC (AOPC) on the nec site self.