Nec 4571 or Pioneer 111


I am looking for a good DVD burner. In my last investigation, I select 2 models, the 4571 from Nec and the 111 from pioneer. I saw in a german forum that through a firmware update it is also possible to get Lightscribe on the pioneer.
Then It seems the the to DVD are quite similar. On internet I can found both for about the same price.

What are your experience with this 2 Burner to help taking my decision. :bow:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 4570 & a Pio 111D (flashed to 111L). The 4570 & 4571 are very similar so the experience of myself & many others here regarding the 4570 is true of the 4571. The firmware support from NEC is non-existent & what’s been released so far burns only a handful of media well. The 111 has had a few releases of firmware & burns most media well.

Very few members here like the 4570/71 but many like the 111.

Getting the Pio 111 is the only option without doubt.

Bollocks! Crossflashing to 111L is possible to get Labelflash, but not LS!

Sorry you are right. The purpose of the 2 is quite similar so I confused the name.

I Thank you for your experience concerning both burner I will buy the 111.

Correct, such things can easily confuse. LS is wide-spread these days, for LF there is only 1 real media from Fuji (16x-R) but the DiscT@2 function makes it better…
Just check the Pioneer subforum. :wink:

Hi guys, I’m in the same dilemma. Does the 111L’s (flashes 11D) LabelFlash ability allow it to Print labels to the datalayer of the disc aswell as on the top of special LabelFlash discs - like the 4571A does.

I have inspected my PC and it appears that I have the older 40 type IDE wire. Would the DVR-111D/ND-4571a work ok with it or would I need to buy the 80 wire IDE wire?

Also I have a pretty old, low spec PC (855 MHz AMD Athlon Processor, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, 80 GB). Would both devices work ok on my PC and would it be safe to flash the DVR-111D under this environment or should I play it safe and buy the ND-4571a.

From the reviews I have read, the DVR-111D is a better writer than the ND-4571a but I would only consider it with the features it has after flashing it to a DVR-111L as I want a writer that can handle all DVD Formats with either LabelFlash or Lightscribe abilities

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