Nec 4571 massive e-mail attack?

where ever i read i see allmost everyone haveing problems with 4571 burn quality …me included… so what do you think if we start e-mailing nec about this …complaining???
I allready removed nec 4571 from my main pc as worthless…right now i 'd love to see quality burns at least like the one 4551 gives me even if i was “promised” more from nec…

They are aware about it. Now we are waiting to see if a new firmware will improove the whole thing.

Prediction: 457x drives are crap and will stay like this. Still, they burn the media I mainly use a lot better than my 3540 drive

i thought i read on here that the 457x was better than the 455x series?

is the 3550 better - they’re about the only other models available these days (i think my folks have a 3550, i have a 3500).

damn and i was just about to buy a 4571 in a couple of minutes (last minute research on these forums!)

Mines are, but some members drives are not burning as well as mine are.
They are also new drives, and IMO it’s far to early to say they are bad or good drives.

NEC knows that these drives are having big problems. Additional Email won’t hurt, but they are notorious in their disdain for the end user. I would not hold my breath on new firmware anytime soon, they are slow but support does go on for a loooong time.

Stick with TYG02 at 8X until they fix things. Ironically, this is the only drive I have seen that does a decent job on this media.

Is that supposed to be a funny/ironic remark without a smilie attached?
Ref: Your perfect scan

Or do you just mean that this is the only NEC drive that does a decent job on this media?
In which case I can say that both my NEC 3500 and 4551 burn TYG02 excellently at 8x.

Or do you mean that this is the only drive that does a decent job on this media at 12x?
In which case you may want to have a look at this post.

Or did you mean something else? :confused:

The only drive that does a decent job at 8X, the rated speed. Sorry the clarification was missing. I have made the same statement so many times I forget others have not read the uncondensed edition.

I like your scan. That is the best legitimate scan of TYG02 I have seen. Now there are two drives.

Thanks for the info. The 1635 came and went so fast it was hard to get any good information on it.

the best link to adrees the e-mails to nec is [B]…???[/B]

“attack” doesn’t really sound polite and appropriate here.

Do you think anyone that has been “attacked” by you will be friendly help you with anything???

I beleive you should get the meaning of the post and don’t stick to isolated words or else using Christ words "don’t shallow the camel and refine the moscito…"
Anyway feel free to change the word “attack” to “pressure” or ask the administrators to do so …i second that… :iagree:

so is this the kind of thing likely to be fixed with firmware soon-ish? and is there any work on the 4571 firmware being done around here, although i’m not at all fussed on lightscribe.

at the moment i only really need the reading ability, as it’s to replace a dvd-rom, but i will eventually want to burn some 8x dvd-r’s, which i seem to recall are ritek and memorex i think.

at the moment the lineup is:

4550 : 27.07ukp
4750 : 27.99
3550 : 28.38
4571 : 29.44

which seems an odd price/newness ratio to me!


IF, then you should.

You throwed it in here first.

do you know the " how to"… and i will just to please you :bigsmile:

yes some 4571 owners have writing problems … that we [B][U]hope[/U][/B] ??? will be fixed with a firmware update cause his bro 4570 seems to have less or allmost none and surely more firmware support…
but i’d say…buy 4550 or 45551 or 3550

oh so the problems are specific to the 4571 and not the 4570? i’ve got another month until i need the drive, so maybe the 4570 will be useful by then. i don’t really want a 4571

i have a mate who has a 4550, i’ll see how his is doing, he burns a LOT of dvds and in fact managed to wear out his pioneer 110 :wink:

i’d rather not buy a 3550 based on them being 2nd most expensive and having just as many bad reviews here, have to see how my folk’s one is doing.

What the heck? Only drive capable of decent results of TYG02 at 8x? :confused: Exaggerating greatly, I would say, even if they don’t burn as well as T02 in most cases.

No, the problems apply to both drives. I would not count on another month providing a firmware that is decent. NEC takes a lot longer to get things even close to right.

No I am not exagerating at all. This drive turns out burns on TY T02 and MCC 004 that are total crap. This is not my opinion but is also what others have seen.

I’m seeing lots of opinions here, which is great. Keep it friendly though.

IMO, NEC get the firmware right straight out the box more than any other ODD manufacturer. They tend not to release loads of firmware updates as generally they are not needed.

Most of the scans I’ve seen in the NEC forum are disc’s scanned on either an NEC or BenQ drive, neither drive conforming to any scanning standard as such. The scans I have seen on Lite-On or Plextor drives using software made for the task, have in all but a very few cases been within the specification. The fact of that is, every drive manufacturer would class these scans as good.

Of course we like to be very picky here on CDFreaks and always strive for even better results. But we should also get things into perspective, NEC or any other manufacturer is unlikely to try and fix something that isn’t broken. New firmwares will arrive, and they will probably be better than the present firmware. In the mean time, everyone needs to chill. :flower:

Now I’m even more confused, how did it’s performance with T02 and MCC04 enter the equation? I’m only responding to the comment that it’s the only drive that burns TYG02 decently at 8x. I thought it was an odd comment, MOST drives burn TYG02 decently.