NEC 4570A burn quality data - what does this mean..?

Hi! I have just fitted a new nec dvd drive this is the readout from nero of my first write. Iv’e no idea what I am looking for here is this readout good, bad or indiferent? what should I be looking for?

General Information
Drive: _NEC DVD_RW ND-4570A
Firmware: 1.02
Disc: DVD+R (RITEK R03)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 42
Average: 16.48
Total: 203672
PI failures
Maximum: 7
Average: 0.05
Total: 452
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 5:02
Number of samples: 16815
Average scanning interval: 8.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Many Thanks

Difficult to tell with these basic data, although it looks not totally unreasonable from the PIEaverage and PIFtotal numbers. What we really need is to see the graphs from CD-DVD Speed. This will at least tell us how the errors were distributed (either concentrated in one area or spread out evenly, for example).

Have a read around the Blank Media forum and its Media Testing/Identifying Software section. Meanwhile, here’s a starter thread for you to understand how more about PI/PIF, and to help with giving us those graphs (note the software name is slightly different and the example pictures are a little old now)…

The scan speed should be [B]5x[/B] for this drive and it’s known that it’s goes high on the PI errors so overall this is pretty good I’d say.

How do I insert the picture of the nero graphs into my post?

Use the floppy icon at the top right of CD-DVD Speed & save as a png file.

In the post Go Advanced & manage attachments.

Here we go, Thanks

Looks pretty good to me, Ken (for a Ritek disc, that is…).

Now you can compare your RITEK R03 burns with the other folks using different drives, in this list…:

Sounds as if you don’t care for Ritek discs, I must admit I have been using them for about a year in my liteon, HP, and nec drives for about a year with no read or right probs!!!

If you’ve got any Ritek G05 disks then best to test these as they can fail after only a few months.
This one of the reasons most here will stay away from Ritek.

All mine are GO3 not GO5 are these just as bad? A bit worying as I have got all of my music, xvids, pics and Vhs tapes transfered to them probably over a thousand discs. Am I in big trouble here???

It’s said that the earlier Ritek discs aren’t as bad as the G05s and some of the G04s.

But if that’s important data, I’d make a backup to Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs as a matter of course (I always keep two backups). :slight_smile:

Most of my importan cd/dvds are backed up on 2 discs in one jewel case, but these discs were both created at the same time so in time both of these disks are likely to fail at the same time. It seems that the only safe way is every so often to make a new backup and throw one of the older discs away. that or go back to tape!!!

No need to panic Ken… just scan the discs from a while ago and see what CD-DVD Speed reveals. If they look all right then leave them for another time.

I have loads of recordings on early RITEK G04 and M02. As Arachne predicts, the G04s are beginning to go a bit, and the M02… well, ATM let’s just say I’m copying them to something considerably better. It’s one of the risks of archiving to a medium in a rapidly-developing field. Once you know its limitations, then you can take steps to protect from loss; in fact I am beginning to be swayed by the opinion, that in the absence of large capacities of reliable MO technology, cheap IDE HDDs are possibly the way forward if you want to keep your stuff.

My comment on the R03s was not based from experience, but from looking at other people’s scans (and admittedly on different drives).

Indeed, I wouldn’t panic, just scan them from time to time.

I still have G04s from 2 years ago that scan beautifully, and TRT (transfer rate test) well too :slight_smile:

Yes that’s a good point, Arachne… :slight_smile:

@Ken: have you thought of getting to grips with these other parameters of disc quality…?

It’s funny you should mention storing on HHD drives, I have just backed all my pics onto 2 seperate external drives, feel much happier now!