NEC 4570 to 4571

Yep, call me a noob on this one
but after reading nearly all the 4570 threads that allude to doing it but not saying anything really about the process

I guess I’ll just have to ask and hope someone will answer

is it possible?
is it possible to understand how?
is it possible for someone to say how?

I just bought 8 (using 4 in two machines and 4 going into a duplicator rack) from newegg and while I’m not so thrilled with the lightscribe thing. I’d be curious about trying it out anyway if I read this right and it is supported with a firmware change

probably yes, but i dont think that liggy (or someone else) will be willing to do that :(.

Fair enough,

Like I said - I’m not all that enamoured with the while scribble thing. But was curoious about it (sadly the 4571 is not available in the states as far as I can tell or I’d just get one and be done with it)

Thanks for the reply though

The NEC 4571 (and 3551/4551) drives don’t support LightScribe - they support a competing technology called LabelFlash.

In order to use LabelFlash you need special media (different from LightScribe) and AFAIK that media is not available in North America.

It’s possible to use the NEC LabelFlash capable drives for making labels on the remaining free space on the data side of DVD media however, if you think that’s interesting. This technology is called DiscT@2 and requires at least 900 MB available space on the DVD.

For me it doesn’t make sense to have a LabelFlash capable drive when the media is not available in your region so I’d stick with the 4570 drives as they are, but that’s just me.

Well, that settles it. if it’s not anything to use and it sounds more and more like a gimmick type thing (no real function as far as burning quality etc…nice to have a pretty disc but would rather a working disc)

I’ll leave it well enough be

all that aside. anyone want to weigh in on the relative quality of the drive itself?

The 4570’s firmware isn’t really up to it at the moment. It burns some media well , but nothing outstanding.

Dee here is doing some fine work on making it , and the 4571, into much better burners.

I must say I’m a little dissappointed with it’s current performance & think I might have been better off with a Pioneer 111.

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