NEC 4570 problems

[hi im new here and would like to know why my nec 4570 doesnt read anything and when it does there is no sound :confused:

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This new thread has been created for your problem, rather than it getting lost in someone else’s. Their problem might be quite different to yours.

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Is your drive an external or internal unit?

:o sorry i’m new to this whole thing and dont know what you mean :doh:

OK, that’s fine…

Is your burner installed in the actual computer housing (internal), or connected via a cable like USB or FireWire (external).

i took out the cd r/w and connected the dvd r/w to the existing cables if that helps

If that is the only CD/DVD drive you have installed on your computer, did you follow the instructions to set the jumper (a small black ‘peg’ at the rear of the new NEC drive) to ‘Master’?

yes i done that and it reads and plays cds but struggles badly with dvds and a 2hr film can take 3 hrs to burn

I’m assuming you’ve got something like an AVI video file that is being converted to a DVD movie & then burned on to a DVD and you’re using something like NeroVision.

If this is the case the 3 hours or more is very normal.

OK… I think you are going to have to be more accurate with your descriptions if we are to help you. You said before that it couldn’t “read anything”.

It sounds as though you need to check the burner’s properties are set to DMA rather than PIO (in the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section of Windows Device Manager (Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager)

DMA problems would mean about 30 mins burn time, so while it might be running in PIO mode there’s got to be far more to it than this.

I agree that we need a far fuller description of what’s wrong.

yes it’s on dma ,just out of interest is nero no good for burning

Nero’s fine for burning, I use it all the time.

Over to you Tim! :wink:

so what can i try to get this to work properly i tried to download a driver for it from liggy and dee but it was talking about flashes and other stuff i havent got a clue about

What precisely are you trying to do that’s taking 3 hours?

when i got this dvd rw it burnt a 2hr film in 3 hours but since then tim it wont even read a dvd i put in it and if it does there is no sound and it plays frame by frame of the film should i take it back or download a driver

someone also suggested i get an80 pin ribbon ?

Yes, do it.