NEC 4570 high Pi Pif errors pls help




I have used the 4570 with Verbatim DVD±R at 16x to burn data discs. When I check these discs after I have burned them using Nero CD/DVD Speed I got very high PiMax (DVD-R =600 DVD+R=200) and high PifMax (DVD-R=44 DVD+R=13). I have to use the NEC 4570 for checking the discs. But when I look on the results of the burner preview then the drive had very good results using this discs. They are the same that are used for the preview. (MCC003 and MCC004 are the disc manufacturer).

So is my drive not ok or are there any other possible reasons for that bad result of my drive.

Thx, Dino Dini


Welcome to the forum. I cannot really tell what it is you are pointing to in CDSPeed, but based on my results with MCC 004 in my 4570, I would say you should limit your burns to much slower speeds. This drive needs a lot of firmware work; even YUDEN000 T02 is poor. There is nothing to do but wait. TYG02 is decent, so maybe you want to use those until the +R gets better.

This thread has gotten some very mixed results; some have done well with 4X.


But I can’t understand why the same drive using the same firmware and using the same media type is having such a different burning result. The only difference is that in the burner preview the pi errors and the pi failures are scanned with kprobe and I scanned the discs using nero cd/dvd speed. But in the burner review the drive only made a pi error max of 16 and a pi failure max of 5. But checked by my NEC drive the pi error max is over 180 and the pi failure max is over 25.

Is the quality of this verbatim media discs that differnet or is something wrong with my drive. Cause when it is a problem of the firmware than why are the scans of the burner preview that much better then mine using the same firmware?

Thx for your help, Dino Dini


Because the scans in the preview were made with drives that scan more reliable than the NEC. The NEC drives don’t seem to be very good at scanning.

If the 4570 behaves the same as the 4550 then scan at 5x and ignore the PI values, only the PIF values are somewhat accurate.


To show it more clearly, these scans are from the same disk but once done with the NEC and once with a LiteOn drive:


There are differences between MCC discs, Taiwan made are Prodisc or CMC. India made are MBI. There is a huge discrepancy with MBI discs but fortunately, they have yet to show up under the Verbatim label in the US. Prodisc and CMC have some variations, but I currently have both types of MCC 004 and I don’t see anything significant. It is generally assumed that the Prodisc versions are the best but I have some very good burns on CMC so that seems to have changed.


Thx for your answers but I should have searched the forum before I open a thread. I just discovered that there is already a thread where scans of the 4750 are posted and talked about.

Thx, Dino Dini


There does seem to be a wide variation in batches. Mainland Europe MII’s seem to be worse than those available here in the UK. Bearing in mind where the review was conducted - UK - could explain the differences, also DEE-27 might have been using Made In Taiwans anyway.