Nec 4551A Not recognizing RW media

Hi to all…
I have a NEC 4551A drive, but it has stopped to see any RW media (both cd and dvd).
Let me explain, it see that there is a support inside, and it’s able to read it, but find always it asa non RW… Tryied with nero, alcohol and windows xp writing software (roxio?).

I’ve tryied to reflash it to the lastest Liggy & Dee Bitsetting firmware (1.09), with no change…

Someone can help me?

Really thanks!

Oh, wow, was a alcohol problem, uninstalled it and all it’s working…
Thanks in any case!

It might be a problem with the media type option in alcohol.
Like forcing the media to be DVD-ROM, this will cause problems with recording software.

Sorry, wanted to say “booktype option in alcohol” and “booktype to be DVD-ROM”, not “media”.