NEC-4551 Vs NEC-4571a What's the differnece?

What is the difference between these drives and which is the newer model?

4571 is newer, they have different hardware.

So for someone like myself who is just looking for a decent burner at a good price what is the difference between these drives? It seems to me they do the exact same thing and at the same speeds, only the 4571a has issues with the firmware and the 4551 doesn’t. Am I right?

I’m just trying to figure out why people opt for the 4571a over the 4551 when the 4551 does the same thing and does it better. What am I missing?

the 4571a is a newer drive and will have newer firmware and firmware support from NEC longer than the 4551.

Nothing much just use common sense, A newer model drive will have longer support than a old model drive.

Some people just like the have the latest and greatest - some people must have one of every drive released by a company :slight_smile: