NEC-4551 and Zone Alarm problem




I have just found, that there are serious problem with NEC-4551 after installing Zone Alarm Pro 6.1.744.000.

What I have observed:

  • I was burning Veratim DVD+RW disc with Nero
  • after burning Nero was to able to read the disk and burner seemed to be hanged up - I tried several times with the same efect
  • I tried burning TDK DVD+RW disc and there was problem
  • then I have disabled Zone Alarm Pro and burned Verbatim once again - and everything was fine!

Any ideas?


What says the author of ZAP about this?


That might indicate that you have conflict between your “Nero Burning ROM” software and Zone Alarm software I don’t think has any think to do with your drive (4551). .


I run the previous version (6.1.737.000) without any problems at all. Never had any problems with whatever version of ZA I’ve had.


Just because you didn’t have problem with previous version of Nero doesn’t mean shouldn’t expect any conflect with version or version you r using.


As the media was a RW, you problem may be due to InCD not Nero burning rom.
Packet writting software have been a problem for a long time now, and causing a lot of conflicts.
Did you try to use Nero Burning Rom plus ZA to burn a DVD -/+ ?
You could try to prevent InCD to load and keep ZA, but you would not be possible to write to the RW, so not a solution.
Did you consider the use of DVD-RAM? That would not require InCD if using FAT32, or UDF and the RAM driver.


I think I had the same problem, installing my 4551 in an older computer. It kept on crashing but I thought it was just because the computer was old and slow. I didnt think of disabling zone alarm. I cant think of how to get around it though (other than using a different firewall; my main computer uses norton internet security). Thanks for the heads up :smiley: Ill try it again in my old computer



I don’t know how old is your “old” computer, but I use the 4551 inside an external USB/Firewire box to allow me to connect it to dif units, one being a P III 450 running win98 SE, and it works ok. It has Roxio burning software and no packet writing stuff.
It works ok.
In another unit P III 700 dual processor, it works ok but when I use InCD I cann’t stop the firewire connect and unplugg the drive, as I can when using only Nero (Win2000).
As you see, these two units can not be considered as new.
OK I have no firewall, as I connect to the Web using Linux in the P III, whre there are no problems either, but dif firewall and OS and we can’t compare.