Nec 4550a problems



I’m having problems burning with this drive.

problem 1 is that the disks i burn on this drive the nec cant read them yet my other dvd drive can fine.

it also wont burn disks faster that 2.4x although it used to. Also while burning the light blinks on and off and not a constant on and the buffer is eratic up and down contantly. Has anyone else had any problems such as this?


You shoud always install actual Chipset/Busmasterdriver for your mainboard,
in some cases simply remove and reinstall your IDE drivers.

Ensure DMA is activated.

Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x


dma is enabled


Burn with verify and you’ll see that the NEC can read it’s own burned media!


Well, not always true.

When I burn these silver printable DVD+R Ritek’s, my 4550 almost always has a read failure near the end, and I need to abort the verify process.
My LG 4163 reads it back WITHOUT any errors !

With my other media, the 4550 doesn’t have this verify problem…


ok ive found out thw writing sped problem i had a confliction with a smbus controller which when corrected the speed is now back to normal although the reading problems still persist. I also had the same problem with a 2500a has any1 else had this reading problem. Also does any1 knopw the best firmware for the nec 4550a I’ve looked but there are loads to choose from.


i have the same problem with my 4550 and 3520 when trying to verify my Ritek DVD+R (R03-02), always used them but the last 2 spindels all have verify fail on my nec drives


yea i had the same problem with ritek g04s yetother disks were fine but now eerything i burn doesnt read in the nec