Nec 4550A or pioneer 111D



HI…I am new member and I am in great dilemma :confused:
I would like to by new DVD burner…but I can`t deside betvine NEC 4550A and Pioneer 111d. Please HELP …thank you in advance :bow:


The Pio 111 is the newer design and burner, also gives better performance overall.
My next one will be a Pio 111 - soooooooooooon.


The 4551 has faster read speeds than the pioneer. If you were to get an NEC, go for either 4570 or 4571.


Don’t buy a Nec 457*.
A Pioneer 111 or a BenQ 165* would be my choice.


Can’t you read? We were talking about 4550, not 4551!
also, the 4550 has a hellish sucking recognition time problem.