NEC 4550A OEM Firmware F*** Up

So this is my story :sad: .

So i find out on this tweak guide thing that flashing to a new firmware is a good idea. So i go to NEC site find my drive download the firmware and apply it without reading the helpfile. Seemed easy enough a program saying flash and then it does the process.
I reboot.
Its all good its running fine then i realise. Its not loading disks!! :eek: It just freezes and refuses to load. I noticed that the light on the drive was on constantly on, not flashing or anything when i put in a disk. Also the drive wasn’t actually spinning.
I go to read the help file and then realise it says in big bold letters
So then i feel a total fool.
I find that in my tweak guide they say check some sites for OEM firmwares. So i found Liggy’s and Dee’s site. I get the proper OEM firmware and then flash it with the GUI version of binflash.
Goes fine
Then i go to run a disk again and :a still doesn’t load properly :doh: .
So i read on the page that it says if you have messed up your drive and you want it to run properly again try a Dos flash.
So i go get the lowest OEM version firmware and use Binflash DOS 32 version on my USB drive. I run the process fine it all goes well.
Get back into windows and guess what… its not working still !!! :sad:
I try many different firmwares for my drive but still the same problem.
Basically DVD drive says NOOoooo :disagree:

So anyone have any ideas how to fix it ? :confused:

Other info :
My drive is a ‘NEC ND-4550A Black OEM’ bought from ebuyer
My motherboard is an ‘A8R-MVP’ with latest bios installed
My DVD drive is in primary IDE master with jumpers set on master
When i do the ‘necflash -scan’ command in Binflash DOS32 verison the device ID comes up as 0.0.0
When i try to flash with the exe flasher utility like the ones on The Firmware Page it says ‘Target NEC ND-4550A is not found correctly’
I have asked ebuyer for the OEM firmware included with the drive, i’ll try that if they reply

Update : Just tried flashing to the ‘Packard Bell OEM firmware 1.CD’, i got the same problem accept now the Hardrive usage light flashes in unison with the DVD drive light.