NEC 4550A multi region? please help?


First i’ll say that im quite a newbie when it comes to DVD drives and burning, so dont laugh at me :o

I was just wondering if anyone can help me with this problem i have…

I want to play region 1 DVD’s using my NEC 4550A Drive, it is currently set to R2 and says i can only change the region 4 more times.

But there must be a way to unlock it so it will play any region, any time?

somebody please help?


Use firmwares from liggy & dee, use the rpc1 (all regions) and/or use software that reads dvd’s from all regions (don’t need to change the region).

Thanks for the reply

So i need to update the firmware on my drive… i must admit that i dont really know much about firmware or how to update it. But i will do some research.

Thanks again
It’s the topic about liggy & dee’s firmware to your drive.
Follow the link to their page and read about it

PS. You don’t really need to change firmware. You could try programs like DVD Region+CSS Free.
More info in:
Edit: Changed the language of the site

Excellent thanks!!

Ive just tried DVD Region+CSS Free and it works perfect :smiley:


I had the same problem but downloaded some of the firmware on the site, I had successfully flashed other drives before and wasnt too concerned but ended up changing my NEC ND 4550A to be named ‘Mad Dog’ something or other.

Now it seems to be named ‘NC3220M TAJ303Z SCSI CD Rom device’ I have tried running the only .exe firmware flash but that now can not see the ND 4550A, presumably because of the name change.

I am not knowledgeable at all about how these work but really just want a link to a simply run file that will flash the firmware, restore the correct settings but also make the drive multi-region.

If that isn’t possible is there a way of returning to how it was as it seems to have problems burning, probably because it has the wrong firmware now.

This is my first post on the forum so apologies if this is put in the wrong place or was answered recently, I couldn’t find anything obvious, and I’m the sort of person that needs it to be obvious.

‘bump’ any ideas?

Mattjtemp -

It would be helpful if you stated EXACTLY what Firmware you used to flash your NEC ND 4550A.

Suggest visiting

I have personally found that the RPC1 (Region Free = Multi Region) version of the Original NEC ND455A Firmware 1-85 located at the above referenced link works flawlessly. If you are having problems flashing your NEC ND 4550A review the “How To Flash” sticky located on the above referenced link. This “How To Flash” sticky will provide all the information on how to use the GUI version of Binflash to correctly flash your NEC ND 4550A.



thanks for the pointer,

I downloaded the flash RPC1 firmware you mentioned and followed the “how to flash” guide, it was very straight forward thanks.

But the issue I have is the only device the bin flash can see is the correct dvd drive only it is now named “D:[MAD DOG MD-16X3DVD9-8X 1.F1]” so when I try to flash it says the firmware is for a different drive.

I need to change the appearance of the drive so the firmware flash works, is this possible?



Ah well, at least I am not being thick if no one else can figure it out.

The 1-85 firmware is for the 4551 drive, not the 4550. You need a 4550 firmware. :wink: