Nec 4550A - BINFLASH "drive is not supported"

I yesterday have bought a Nec 4550A fw 1.06.
I have flashed it in 1.X1 modified firmware.
Then I run NEC Drive Converter and do update to 4550A/4551A.
Now I more it cannot flashing more all of the flash utility speak that drive is not supported.
How to me now all to correct?


Why did you use the Drive Converter tool on your 4550 drive? Hoping to get an 4551 out of it?
Crossflashing your 4550 to a 4551 drive is not working at this moment. I hope Liggy can help you with this one.

Yes I hope to flash his in 4551A. But now I can’t do flash to any 455XA firmwares. :frowning:

Use the drive converter to convert back to 4550. then Binflash will work, you wont get a 4551 from using drive converter though, not at the moment.

I see that you did not read any other posts in this forum about the 455x drives. There you could have found that crossflashing the 4550 to an 4551 is not working.

The Drive Converter tool is also not intended for direct crossflashing. You can find more info about this tool on

Update: Dee-27 already responded :flower: Have to quicker next time :wink:

The drive converter don’t see it 4550A drive now, all fields is empty and I can’t do choice it drive to convert back to 4550A. :frowning:

Yes, I readed other posts only after I do converting my drive. :frowning:

Is the LED on the drive flashing quickly?

All burn utilities can work with my 4550A, but I can’t flashing his more.
Have you some utilities to flash my drive without at drive compapilities.
For examples:

binflash -sec -sla (some key) -flash 4550a.bin

where (some key) turn off checking drive.

No, drive is alive and I can burn CD/DVD, but I can’t flashing his now.

Did you try and reboot?
If not this may allow the drive to be seen again

Yes I do it some times.
I try flashing 4550a from WXPsp2 and from DOS.

ecflash -scan -v
Drive _NEC … 1.X1 … not supported
System have not supported drives

I think may be after drive converting my drive have other code now, not K450, and necflash can’t seen his?

A friend of mine has also got a similiar problem, his drive has Io-Data 1.27 fw . The drive writes and reads ok but cannot be reflashed. See pictures attached.

Looks like the internal ID of the drive was changed to a value that is not recognized by any of my tools. Did you use the latest version 1.2?

I’ll check the program and try to update if necessary. But as far as I remember, the latest version does not make a difference between 4550 and 4551, but lists them with the same entry, so changing from 4550 to 4551 should not be possible at all.


Found the bug, fixed it, uploaded version 1.21

YES, I have a same.

Yes, version was 1.2, I yesterday downloaded it, it was lastest version.

I used K415 and K455 instead of K410 and K450. Sorry!
Drive converter will now recognize the wrong values and allow you to change them back.


You might have to change the ID to a different value (ND4150/4151) first before you can apply the correct value again

Ok, THANKS, I be try revive one now.

Good luck. If it still doesn’t help, I’ll try to build a program that sets a fixed value in your drive - when I’m off work again. :wink: