NEC 4550 Problem (Ahead Nero: "power calibrating error")

Hi! There is problem.
It’s not possible to burn CD-R/CD-RW disc after burning DVD-RAM (a message “power calibrating error” appears).

  1. Insert DVD-RAM disc into drive.
  2. Format DVD-RAM disc by Windows Explorer into FAT32.
  3. Create any file/folder in disc (it will be automatically burned onto DVD-RAM) (optional)
  4. Eject DVD-RAM disc, insert CD-R/CD-RW disc.
  5. Try to burn it (will be failed with message “power calibrating error”).
    Drive: NEC ND-4550A
    Firmware: 1.06 Liggy (I’ve tested within original and modified firmware).

Thanks to everybody who help to solve the problem.
Best regards, Vitaly Greck.
+375 29 663-74-80 (SMS2Email available)


Welcome to the forum. Best for you is to remove to phone number :wink:

Most of the time this is due to bad media. The MID code will tell us some info on the manufacturer of the disk. Use DVDIdentifier to identify the disk.

I use TDK CD-RW media (brand-name) and Verbatim DVD-RAM media (brand-name too). The problem occurs within ALL types of DVD-RAM/CD-R,RW