NEC 4550 or Pioneer 110D?

I’m looking for a good dvd burner : NEC 4550 or Pioneer 110D. Which is better ???
I need the best in burning also protected dvd.

I choosed the 4550A just because I formerly had issues with the Pioneer 109.

I think both drives are most excellent at writing quality and can’t really be sorted out in this area. You’ll have to make your choice considering other factors IMO.

As a sidenote, protected DVD discs are taken care of at the ripping stage, not at the burning stage AFAIK. :wink: - and this relies more on the software than on the drive.

The 4550A is a very fast DL ripper and has NO riplock. :cool: - no need for a hacked firmware.

Compare features!


You wouldn’t happen to know what media is overspeeded in the factory firmware?

For the 4550A you mean? I can check. For the 110D I can’t help, I don’t own one.

4550A with stock f/w 1.06:

TYG01 @8X
TYG02 @12X
YUDEN000T02 @8X
SONYD11 @12X

MXLRG03 @2X (! :eek: )

There are some mediacodes that I’m not sure about official rated speed so I can’t tell. This list is not definitive. I think you should ask Dee-27 if you want a more complete list. :slight_smile:

It’s not so much that the 4550 overspeeds a lot of media, but that the 110D burns a lot of media at below its rated speed.
Both drives will burn with very good quality though. The 4550 is faster at above 8x by quite some margin and a much faster reader.

BTW, they are both based on the same NEC chipset.

The big think I dislike with NEC burners is their slowness with media burned at 8x. :frowning:

I’m not interesting in their speed, but they must burn ( without any problem ) everything ( protected dvd, games, etc …) :stuck_out_tongue:

I adressed that in my first reply :slight_smile:

Yes I know :iagree:

:iagree: Very fast reader including DL. Great ripper because of this.

I’ll use it only for burning not for ripping :disagree:

How would you do that???

Because their Z-CLV strategy starts @4X, agreed. But this may give better results with some media (example: MCC 02RG20, which has problems with the first 6X CLV stage on the Pioneer 109).

On the other hand, some medias give better results with the Pioneer 6X first step of the Z-CLV stategy, notably TYG02.

That’s one of the reasons why I prefer having a couple of burners around :bigsmile:

I think that the protection could be removed by software like AnyDVD … no ?? :confused: Then I’ll make an ISO and I’ll burn it, I wrong ??? :confused:

No, you’re not wrong…

Chef was probably, with this question, expressing his surprise that you asked about a drive that would “burn copy-protected DVDs”, though the copy protection has nothing to do with the burning stage…

Once you have the ISO without the protection, any burner will burn it. So you don’t need a specific burner to copy protected DVDs, so your question sounds strange. What you need is a good ripper and the right software (in your case, AnyDVD which is fine). If you already have a good drive to rip, which seems to be the case (you wrote: “I’ll use it only for burning not for ripping”) then your question makes no sense at all… :confused:

Sorry :doh: , however … is NEC 4550 a good burner ??? Does it allow me to do what I want ???

Yep, correct. Thanks for explaining it, Francksoy.

I thought you would have figured it out already from the answers we posted… :eek:

OK, for whatever reason :confused: you didn’t, so :
YES, it’s a good burner and YES, it will allow you to do what you want.

Wish we could get the 4550 in the states?