NEC 4550 - None stop reading/blinking

I upgrade my HTPC to E6700, ASUS P5W, Nvidia 7900 & to a NEC 4550,
In my previous setup my DVD was a Toshiba SD M1612.
Now when I play a DVD with the new HTPC I find that the NEC DVD is in a non stop reading mode, the led is blinking always and the main problem is that I face micro pauses during layer/chapter change.
With the Toshiba DVD I find that the DVD during playback most of the time is in off mode the led is blinking very little and the play back is 100% fluently.

BTW - the IDE is set to “Ultra DMA”
I flash the NEC to be multi zone

The NEC is acting as there is no “buffer”.
Any Idea how to solve that problem ?