NEC-4550: incorrect function error


About 3 months ago I bought 3540 which served me well until last week. Suddenly it stopped reading and writing dvds so I returned it.

As a replacement I got 4550. Problem is - it doesn’t work in my computer. It reads CDs and stamped DVD-s. It doesn’t read any kind of writeable dvds (+,-, R/RW). Using DVD Identifier, Nero or RecordNow I can read some informations about those dvds like track length and type, type of media, brand etc. Upon insertion, for a period about 30 sec, drive really struggles with those disks (spinning them up and down while head is moving). Double-click on DVD-RAM icon in My Computer as a result has a message: “X:/ is not accessible incorrect function”. Anyway I tried drive on other computer and there it works as it should. However this is not a solution 'cause I need burner in this one.

This behavior is consistent through Win98, WinXP and Linux Fedora Core 3. Computer is Duron 1800@1300, Epox 8KTA3 (Via KT133A). Yes I know; this computer is a shit however it suits my needs perfectly so you can stop laughing. I checked the cables and I upgraded firmware on official 1.07. I didn’t try recording anything (nor cd nor dvd) as I see no point in doing so while I can’t read anything. And I tried using “VIA_IDE ACCELERATOR_V121” driver because it has some tweaks towards compatibility with nec dvdroms however only thing which changed was error message.

Does anyone knows what is the cause of this prolem?

I dont know the cause of this problem, but as you have a VIA KT133A based motherboard, you could try connecting you drive on the primary IDE channel and you HD on the secondary IDe channel, change boot options accordingly and see if it helps. This is for UDMA operation with these boards, so maybe it’s not related, but trying can’t hurt.

Also check the jumpers master/slave combinations…

Thanks. It didn’t help.

Oddly Pioneer 108 seems to work just fine. Symptoms of dead 3540 were similar to 4550. Maybe it wasn’t so dead!? My best guess is that is hardware failure of mbo. I suppose that I need new one. :frowning:


Oddly Pioneer 108 seems to work just fine.
The more recent drives are more picky with the IDE bus.

I guess you already tried to switch the DVD drives? And to change the IDE cable? A defective cable could bring such issues…


I returned 4550 and I took 3550 instead. And guess what? I still have same problem. :frowning:

I am mad.

I also tried using Nec-1300. That works just fine. And yes I checked cables, and even I tried using aditional IDE controller (Sil630)…

These cards won’t work with NEC drives most of the time. :disagree:

VIA KT113A mobos are notoriously problematic with modern high-speed drives (needing UDMA2 or faster) when these are connected to the secondary IDE channel. But as you already tried to connect your drive on the primary IDE channel… :frowning:

Do you use the VIA 4-1 drivers? If so, maybe the problem occured after a driver update. You could try reverting to older 4-1 drivers, or to uninstall them entirely so the generic Microsoft IDE drivers will be installed. This could help. It’s common knowledge on this board that the generic Microsoft IDE drivers, most of the time, work better with DVDRW drives.

Good luck :slight_smile:

do you think it might be a problem with the computer power supply, there was a rumour somewhere saying that on some computer with crappy power supply the DVD burner cannot function as it could not supply enough power to all the devices in the cpu. just my 2 cents

Either the internal IDe controller troubles or the IDE cable is “trash”.

Check the BIOS for correct IDE / DMA settings!

Also update your FW and software and flash your Bios!