NEC 4550-A XP Issue

Hi All

I have been using my 4550 with absolutely no issues since new.
However - I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU which caused me to reinstall Windows XP.
Since then have been having a problem with my DVD.
Win XP Pro (SP2 - fully updated) recognises the drive as NEC 4550 A DVD RW and displays in Explorer as DVD RAM Drive - all looks good.

However - when I insert a DVD-R disc (which was written on the NEC pre reinstall) the icon in explorer changes and the text then states CD Rom !!
The ‘perform action’ box then opens asking what action I would like to take with this ‘blank CD’ ?!?!

If I put Quake4 pre recorded DVD in (say for example) it will read the disc!

I have used the DVD recorded with the NEC on a few computers with NO ISSUES AT ALL - it contains all my utility programs that I use for re-installs.

I have tried all the available IDE drivers for my board (MS ones and NVIDIA ones) - no change.
I have removed the device and rebooted (IDE and DVD) - no change
I have removed all reference to the NEC from the registry and re installed it - no change
I have re-installed XP Pro - no change

I have googled this issue to death and have found many references to similar issues - but seemingly no cures ??
Does anyone here have any idea what the solution might be - somebody must have overcome this issue…
You all seem very knowlegable and helpful on here and so I thought maybe somebody can help me out.

All thoughts much appreciated
Thanks in advance for your help - this is driving me NUTZ !!!

System spec
Athlon64 3500+
Gigabyte K8NS-939
2 GB DDR 400 (dual channel)
Seagate SATA 200GB
2 x WD 40GB IDE HDDs
Radeon 9800XT
X-Pro 460W power supply

BladeDude :confused:

May be you should read the following thread with the same issue.


Thanks - I had seen that pot but it was off on a tangent about serial numbers !!

Anyhow - I think I have fixed it myself now…

For others looking for a fix - this worked for me - I hope it works for you too…

I went to the DVD drive’s properties sheet and took the tick out of the ‘Enable CD writing on this drive’ box. XP had set this during install.

I then installed Nero and managed to burn a DVD image to disc wih no issues. The drive was correctly identified by Nero as a DVD Ram drive.

I have not really tested any further - I guess if I can write a DVD then I have got all my functionality back.

I hope this helps some of the apparently many people who seem to have this issue lately.