NEC 3650A dvd speed



Hi All!

i recently bought a dell dimension E520, and with it came a Nec burner.
I’ve had problems with reading dvd’s and some dvd’s it won’t even recognize.
I did a dvd speed scan, and if i knew how to attach the picture on here i would, but as it goes i’ll explain it.
–It starts off reading at the speed of 6 and gradually rises, then all of a sudden it drops to 2.5, then raises gradually to 4, then drops to 2.7, raises gradually to 4.2, and it goes on and on this way sharply dropping and rising until the end.

Whats going on!!! I’m extremely surprised by this as this drive is supposed to be quite reliable and I’ve read good reviews on it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


I read the FAQ page! Here we go